Ultimate Recovery Stack

Stack'd Supplements

We all know when exercising and training the most important part is recovery. So we get asked a lot what is the optimal way to recover. Well here it is! This stack will have you recovering like the Wolverine!

MuscleForce BCAAs/EAAs- sip on this during training to ensure you have a huge head start on the recovery process.  This will prevent further muscle breakdown, make sure you remain hydrated, and most importantly make sure you aren't limping around for a week after leg day!

Rule One Blend-  This protein from Rule One is an amazing whey blend that will digest quickly, mix up well, and has TONS of flavors to choose from.  This makes it easy to get your post workout protein in quick to start repairing those muscles immediately.   It absorbs extremely fast and needs to be paired with a fast digesting carbohydrate like Glycosurge.  Women take 1 Scoop with 1/2 Scoop Glycosurge immediate post workout.  Men take 2 Scoops with 1 Scoop Glycosurge immediate post workout.  

Glyco Surge- The post workout window is our bodies highest demand for nutrients. Glyco Surge is a critical tool to fueling our body precisely to ensure the best results.When taking Glyco Surge post workout, you will spike one of the key muscle building hormones, insulin. Spiking insulin post workout will put your muscles in the optimal anabolic state. Glyco Surge is essential for anyone trying to build lean size.