MuscleForce: Defiant Unleashed 4TH OF JULY Limited Edition

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Defiant Unleashed - Limited Edition is back in a brand new limited edition flavor! Our best selling, and strongest formula of all time is back for this 'Merican bred and built product. There's no wokey pokey, snow flake B.S. in this product. Just bald eagle screachin' freedom! Get it while supplies last.

Prepare to be lasered in during your workout like you're looking through a red-dot scope at terror-seaking bad guys. Unleash your TRUMP PUMPS from the 8G of Citrulline, and a FULL dose of 3.5G of Beta-Alanine. And prepare for a record setting workout from the SLEEP JOE STIM BLEND too. It's the same powferful formula featuring 8G of Citrulline, 450mg of Caffeine, 200mg of DMBA, and over 2.8G of Focus ingredients.

We aren't selling some cheap, filler pre-workout. This Pre-Workout is loaded with American Pride, and delicious flavor that explodes like fireworks.