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Life Extension: Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes

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What Are Digestive Enzymes?
Digestive enzymes help you break down the foods you eat, as well as help you stay comfortable after meals. But your body doesn’t produce the enzymes you need to digest plant fiber—bad news for vegans, vegetarians, or anyone trying to up their intake of hard-to-digest veggies, legumes, fruit, or leafy greens. This digestive health formula can help.

Eating healthy? This formula helps digest leafy greens, legumes, and more—plus staple macros like protein, starch & fat.
Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes Benefits
Promotes optimal digestion, especially for those on plant-based diets
Helps your body absorb nutrients from the food you eat
10-enzyme blend targets plant-based foods plus proteins, fats & carbs
Vegetarian and non-GMO formula
Better Together: combine with Bloat Relief for maximum health benefits
Breaking Down the Macros: Protein, Starches and Fat
Digestive enzymes break down food. But not every enzyme works on every nutrient: alpha galactosidase helps digest legumes and cruciferous vegetables (Notorious for causing occasional abdominal bloating & discomfort) protease 3.0 helps digest proteins, and lipase helps digest fat. These digestive enzymes work in a variety of pH conditions. This is important, because different parts of your gastrointestinal tract (stomach, intestines, etc.) have different pH levels—which can also affect digestion.