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***If Ordering online, please specify in the notes Section of your Order whether you would like.... Vanquish OR Vanquish Hardcore***

Summer is upon us and everyone is looking to look their best in that swimsuit. This stack features the best tools to get you there as fast as possible. You will get:

Vanquish or Vanquish Hardcore- Intense thermogenic that will crank up your energy and metabolism but will also significantly reduce cravings.

Thyro-Excel-  This non-stim fat burner will make sure your thyroid is cranked up to get that metabolism going, shed unwanted water, and melt the fat off without using any extra stimulants.  This is an amazing addition to this stack.

CLA 1000- Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a naturally occurring Essential Fatty Acid that has been found to decrease body fat in various ways. It may block fat from being stored in your cells and also burn more fat. CLA Has been found in multiple clinical studies to show that CLA is effective in reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle. CLA may also boost basal metabolic rate so your body can convert food into energy more efficiently. CLA supplementation can provide a non-stimulant support for improving your body composition

Nutrakey L-Carnitine 3000-  Optimize your body’s ability to convert fat into energy while enhancing performance and recovery. Closely related to B vitamins and naturally found alongside healthy fats in avocados, dairy products, and red meat, L-Carnitine has been used extensively since the 1980s to promote fat-loss, increase energy levels, and protect the brain from free radical damage.*

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