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Core Nutritionals: HEART

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Every set, rep and mile, every breath, even your thoughts - ultimately every single one is driven by your heart. As the body’s engine and delivery system, no one escapes the undeniable need for a healthy cardiovascular system. For the driven athlete - such as those living the Crush It lifestyle - the aggregation of marginal gains provided by improving your cardiovascular health promises to elevate performance throughout your fitness regimen.

And yet, few list improving cardiovascular function as a key priority within their fitness goals. You see, while the heart occupies the kind of rarified air reserved for central components of only the most vital bodily systems, its function is involuntary, its improvements invisible. You don’t have to think about beating your heart, it is done for you. What’s more, a well-maintained, highly trained heart muscle won’t get you noticed at the beach.

That said, however, our heart is one of the most important organs in the body and communicates, assists or supports literally every other major organ system. Without an efficient blood supply, your lungs will provide less oxygen to the muscles and access to key nutrients is reduced throughout the body, resulting in less effective workouts and suboptimal recovery. So, due to our passion for fitness, as well as our desire to help our customers improve and actualize their fitness goals, we've developed a clinically backed formulation for our new premier cardiovascular health supplement: Core HEART.