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Core: FURY V2

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With every rep, every mile, every day spent at the gym, your body improves. You could say the latest iteration of our premiere pre-workout, Core FURY, has done the same - but you’d be wrong. This reformulation is more like a tsunami, where the only ingredients left standing in its wake were those with the strongest clinical foundations and indisputable efficacy. Those ingredients were then used as the base around which we built a disruptive, cutting-edge, and revolutionary new product. We’ve not only replaced the old with the new, but created innovative combinations never before seen in a pre-workout formula. In the process, we’ve created a worthy successor to a product known for redefining the category. With that, let us introduce you to FURY Version 2.

Core FURY Version 2 is a meticulously crafted combination of key ingredients created to boost athletic performance, hydration, mental clarity, and energy. For athletic performance, muscle pumps, and athletic performance, ingredients such as L-Citrulline, VasoDrive-AP®, Citrapeak®, and Senactiv™, among others, are included at or above serving sizes suggested by clinical research. These ingredients have repeatedly demonstrated improvements in blood flow, hydration, power output, VO2 max, and time to exhaustion. For cognitive capacity, clarity, and focus; L-Tyrosine, Alpha GPC 50%, Cocoabuterol®, and Pregnenolone are also included at, or above, serving sizes suggested by research. Studies using these ingredients have shown to increase working memory, enhance focus, and reduce cognitive fatigue.

Together, our performance, pump, hydration, focus and energy blends constitute the latest evolution of the pre-workout formula. Unsurprisingly, Core Nutritionals has, yet again, created a new standard in the entire category.