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BUM Energy (Case of 12)

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Energy drinks are becoming increasingly popular by the day. We’ve already seen numerous new energy drinks hit the market in the last few months, and now, C-BUM and the team at Raw Nutrition and have jumped in the ring as well! This newest release, rightfully named BUM Energy, takes canned drinks back to their roots with the classic 12 oz soda cans versus the typical 16 oz cans we’ve seen primarily.

On top of the sleek design, BUM Energy delivers a nice boost in energy, with an even more pronounced boost in mental focus, and flavors that will have you aching to pop open another one. While some companies are loading up on the caffeine and adding a mountain of other ingredients, this energy drink formula takes a more simple, yet very effective approach with two primary ingredients — Caffeine and Cognizin citicholine.

Caffeine is dosed at a pleasant and precise 112mg to give you that boost in energy and mental alertness without the jitters or shakiness that can come along with high doses, while Cognizin is at 250mg to deliver a proven focus and cognition boost to keep you dialed in and centered on conquering your workout or workday. BUM energy is currently available in 2 incredibly delicious flavors — Cherry Frost and Orange Sunrise, that will deliver a delightful drinking experience to match its boost in energy and cognition.

Stay on top of your game and conquer your workouts… boost productivity and power through your workday… perfect for a mental performance boost for all you gamers out there… whether your need that midday energy boost, or just a delightful way to satisfy your taste buds, BUM Energy delivers the perfect boost without the crash!