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I uniquely designed MPA KETO xygen ™ with not only the highest percentage of BHB salts on the market , but in combination with other all-star ingredients that promote endurance, mental clarity, neurogenesis , and uncanny  clean energy  while it’s in your blood doing its magic.

I heard other supplement companies market their exogenous ketone products for losing body fat and getting leaner -- is that what MPA KETO xygen ™ is for? 

I like to be accurate, judicious , and precise with my marketing approach so I do not make false promises and mislead the people that put trust in me. Exogenous ketones will not directly burn body fat or induce weight loss . What they will do is: 

Increase energy by supplying an additional fuel substrate that your body and brain can use immediately and readily. That in turn makes physical activity easier to endure, and mentally demanding activities easier to conquer. 

There has been research pointing to the fact that supplementing with exogenous ketones could increase your metabolic efficiency . This would equate to better output and stamina while mitigating the requirements for ATP to working muscles. 

There is also the benefit of exogenous ketones causing a satiating effect , making your hunger signal not as prominent. This will make harsh dieting phases much easier to tolerate and endure during times of famine. 

As you can gather--all of these effects listed above won’t DIRECTLY initiate fat-loss or a leaning effect, but INDIRECTLY influence the possibility of fat-loss by giving you more energy than you would have had without exogenous ketones, in turn causing you to burn more overall calories.

Ketogenic, Neurogenic, and Adaptogenic all-in-one Formula

Like I mentioned earlier, MPA KETO xygen  is different from other exogenous ketone products. I combined precisely the perfect harmony of nootropics and adaptogens to mesh amazingly with the goBHB ™ ketone salts . This equates to even better aerobic capacity, and even more prominent mental clarity and cognitive function. 

This isn’t your typical company throwing in a more than likely ineffective dusting of BHB salts (under 6 grams) into whey protein or a caffeinated pre-workout, this is a well-thought out and ultra potent exogenous ketone powerhouse! Most current reputable ketone supplements on the market yield a 10 -11 gram BHB salt potency. MPA KETO xygen™ gives you a whopping 12 grams per serving in conjunction with everything else.

Let’s review MPA KETO xygen’s starting line up of truly effective ingredients-

PeakO₂™ (organic mushroom complex) -- Peak0 ₂ is an organic-certified combination of six Ayurvedic mushroom strains grown and harvested right here in the U.S. 

I was already familiar with mushrooms ability to help the body adapt to stress and mitigate imbalances. However, I was extremely fascinated to find out that the precise mushroom complex in PeakO₂ ™ is shown to improve:    

  • Time to exhaustion
  • Maximum power output
  • Peak strength
  • Anaerobic peak power
  • Oxygen utilization during exercise
  • Ability to uptake oxygen
  • Exercise capacity

PeakO₂ ™ was clinically shown to  boost both power and endurance. In a 21-day clinical study at the University of North Carolina, PeakO ₂™ user’s improved their time to exhaustion by an incredible 70 seconds from baseline; the placebo group improved only 5 seconds from baseline!

So not only do the mushrooms found in PeakO₂™ increase aerobic capacity and endurance , but they also will aid in immune support and keeping you shielded from a high-stress environment. 

Acetyl-L-Carnitine ( Alcar)

This acetylated version of L-carnitine is considered a neurogenic aid or better known as a “nootropic” brain fuel. The benefits are lengthy, from memory enhancement , neuron health , increases acetylcholine levels , anti-oxidant role in the brain , and of course can aid in mitochondrial fat oxidation 

Why wouldn’t I want to include this multi-faceted, awesome ingredient into my formula for physical and mental energy? I went big and dumped 500 mg in a serving.

Acetyl-L-Tyrosine ( N ALT)

Mental acuity, energy production, mood support, and increased metabolic rate are all things N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine can support. I personally like its use for increasing the neurotransmitter Dopamine. I feel dopamine is crucial for feeling motivated, and also has a nice benefit of staving off hunger while dieting, or needing to focus without being overwhelmed by hunger signals from your brain. I wanted to make my 2 Acetylated amino acids feel equal so I also dosed this ingredient at 500 mg per serving.

The Adaptogenic portion -- Rhodiola

Rhodiola is awesome. I had been testing it on its own for a few weeks to get a feel for it. I noticed energy , focus and a feeling of “decompression” or in other words relief . It is shown to help your body naturally cope with and balance out stressful events or situations by regulating cortisol by potentiating anxiolytic , anti-fatigue , and neuro-protective effects in the body. 

Oh yea, one really major important reason why I chose rhodiola for this particular formula was because it was demonstrated in a study to: Significantly lower HR (heart rate) during warm up, significantly faster TT (time trial) and a significantly lower rate of perceived exertion. The study concluded that an acute dose of Rhodiola Rosea ingestion decreased heart rate response to sub-maximal exercise and appears to improve endurance exercise performance by decreasing the perception of effort.

Furthermore - in another study, endurance athletes were supplementing with rhodiola for 4-weeks before undergoing a cardio-pulmonary exhaustion test. The study found athletes had significantly lower blood lactate levels and plasma creatine kinase levels (this is a marker of protein regulation and overtraining).The study concluded that Rhodiola supplementation is able to reduce both lactate levels and parameters of skeletal muscle damage following an exhaustive exercise session. 

This ingredient will be a perfect adjunct to any type of rigorous cardio, endurance training, weight training, sports training etc… that inevitably causes physical stress and runs the body down.

How I want you to use KETOxygen™ 

This product is universal and open for several usage options. Here are some of the possibilities with KETO xygen™ -

  • Use before cardio/aerobic sessions for performance enhancement/improved oxygen consumption
  • Use before weight training for anti-catabolic benefits , and mental and cognitive enhancement.
  • Use while transitioning into a ketogenic diet to avoid brain fog or “keto-flu.”
  • Use before mentally demanding events, i.e., studying, writing papers, seminars, video gaming sessions, etc…
  • Can be mixed with our pre-workout MPA Cellu VOL ™ for extreme focus , energy, and lowering catabolism before brutal workout sessions.

In Summation, you have several reasons to employ MPA KETO xygen ™ into your regimen. It will make you mentally feel better. It will aid in protecting muscle by rhodiola lowering cortisol and ketone salts sparing amino acids. It will make your dreaded cardio sessions a breeze and increase your endurance capacity. If you do play around with ketogenic dieting (high fat, low carb) , it will mitigate the initial “metabolic shift” you go through while becoming “fat-adapted” which usually includes feeling lousy. If you dislike stimulants or caffeine, you can ramp up your current pre-workout formula by adding ½ - 1 full serving of MPA KETO xygen™ to your favorite pre-workout of choice. 

Mega dosed BHB salts with legit doses of everything else. You know how we do it, Professional Products - Professional Results .

-Matt Porter

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