Project AD: Stampede Untamed

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  • A high octane pre-workout focused on optimizing brain function, Stampede Untamed flicks the switch on neurotransmitters and unlocks the key to intensity in the body.
  • Amplifies muscular contractions, fights fatigue and delivers skin-tearing pumps while simultaneously cultivating the mindset of a champion in you with its powerful Untamed Performance & Energy Blends.
  • Designed for athletes hungry for PR’s and not content to give a single fraction of hope to the competition, Stampede Untamed is the antidote to underperformance and the master key to unrivaled domination.
  • A high octane pre-workout focused on optimizing brain function. It’s time to flick the switch on neurotransmitters and unlock the key to intensity with Stampede’s Untamed’s powerful Performance & Energy Blends.
  • Stampede Untamed’s Energy Blend delivers the most intense, long-lasting focus and mental clarity you’ll ever experience. Cultivate the mindset of a champion from the first serving and dominate your workouts.
  • The Performance Blend amplifies muscular contractions, fights fatigue from every corner and delivers blistering pumps and road map

Mindset. It’s the difference between success and failure.

Think it’s down to talent or genetics? You’re wrong.

The old adage goes “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”, and it’s right. But generating the right intensity to fulfil your potential and be successful is an art. And nobody remembers the losers in history. The reason the athlete standing across from you in the gym is bigger, stronger, and more explosive is because they’ve cultivated an unstoppable mindset that demands results. For you to fulfil your destiny, you’ll need to master the art of intensity yourself. And now you will.