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Life Extension: Kids Multivitamin

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Our Children’s Formula Life Extension Mix™ provides kid-friendly amounts of nutrients in a berry-flavored, chewable multivitamin for a strong nutritional foundation.
Gluten free Non-GMO


What Is Children's Formula Life Extension Mix?
Containing ingredients from Life Extension Mix™ in amounts suitable for children 4 and older, Children’s Formula’s easy-to-chew, berry-flavored tablet contains 18 essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, C and D. Promoting healthy development and encouraging nutritional balance for kids, our Children’s Formula supports overall health.

This mix meets daily nutritional needs in children, while laying the groundwork for health into adulthood.
Children’s Formula Life Extension Mix™ Benefits
Encourages nutritional balance with a daily multi-nutrient supplement
Promotes children’s healthy growth & development
Contains an appealing berry flavor with no added sucrose
Meeting Nutritional Needs
Building a foundation for nutrition from a young age is important for supporting and maintaining overall health into adulthood. Our formula makes it easy to begin building that foundation. Providing essential vitamins and minerals, our daily multi-nutrient supplement contains essential minerals and vitamins, including A, D and C.