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Life Extension: Anti-Alcohol Complex

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Looking for an alcohol metabolism supplement? This formula provides powerful nutrients to help support healthy liver function and alcohol metabolism.
Gluten free Non-GMO


What Is Anti-Alcohol Complex?
Modern life means constant exposure to environmental stresses, and the liver helps manage that by neutralizing potential toxins. Using nutrients and antioxidants like chlorophyllin, trans-resveratrol and Clovinol® clove extract, this formula helps support healthy liver function and detoxification to protect your whole-body health.

Our formula promotes healthy liver function by combining vitamins with potent nutrients to help inhibit oxidative stress
Anti-Alcohol Complex Benefits
Supports optimal liver function
Potent nutrients protect against alcohol metabolites
Powerful antioxidants protect cells
Promotes healthy detoxification

What is HepatoProtection Complex?
This combination of grapeseed, barley grass and milk thistle extracts combines with resveratrol and chlorophyllin to combat free radicals and neutralize alcohol metabolites.

Why did we add N-acetyl-cysteine?
This relative of the dietary amino acid cysteine binds to alcohol metabolites like acetaldehyde.

Powerful Liver Protection
The liver is responsible for processing vitamins and nutrients from your food into forms that can be used by your body, recycling compounds (such as iron) from red blood cells, synthesizing plasma proteins and more. The liver is also responsible for the body’s natural detoxification processes. Our Anti-Alcohol formulation helps keep your liver healthy, so it can keep doing its job.