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1st Phorm: CARB-1

Having high quality, convenient choices for your nutrition needs is essential. A balanced meal contains a mix of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats but depending on several factors it can sometimes be difficult to find the right options for each macro nutrient.

Protein is typically the macro nutrient people struggle to find from a whole food perspective but with today’s busy lifestyle and super convenience when it comes to food, even finding a quality source of carbohydrates can be difficult.

Carbohydrates are our body’s fuel source, but having high quality, low glycemic choices are your best option in most cases. Carb-1 was developed to fill the gap when the convenient options are not the best options to help you reach your goals.

Carb-1 is made with whole food sources including sweet potato, oats, and yams to give you a premium, convenient, and delicious carbohydrate solution for any meal. Whether you just need extra carbs to hit your goals for the day or you’re looking for a complete meal you can add Carb-1 to any Level-1 shake to create a well-balanced whole food based meal.