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MuscleForce: Guts + Greens

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Are YOU Getting Enough Greens?

Do you take anything for your gut health? You may be thinking that it sounds silly or scammish but the real question is, “what are you doing for your gut health?” CDC, says only 1 in 10 people actually get enough fruits and vegetables everyday. That means 90% of people are not getting enough fruits and veggies to properly fuel their bodies with the right nutrients.*


For each scoop of Guts + Greens, you are getting a whole serving of organic fruit and a whole serving of organic veggies. That's easy and it’s getting you one step closer to getting your fruits and veggies in for the day. Our all organic fruits blend not only ensures you get a whole serving of fruit in but also a great amount of phytonutrients to provide antioxidant support, increased cardiovascular/cognitive function, immune health, and anti-aging benefits!

The greens blend is packed with dark green leafy vegetables, full of nutrients for increased gut and skin health.

Along with our greens blend is an alkalizing blend of organic greens, working to boost pH levels in the microbial gut to provide better pH levels for “good bacteria” to live in and provide proper digestion and increased gut health. When the pH levels are balanced in the gut, it makes it easier for probiotics “good bacteria” to live there. *

Your Health Starts With Your GUT.

The gut is often referred to as the second brain due to the fact that the enteric nervous system is located in our gut. The ENS is made up of neurons and neurotransmitters, the same type of ones that are in the central nervous system, that extends the entire length of the digestive tract. That is why it is called our second brain. When gut issues or “GI” issues are present, stress and anxiety can form and make everything worse, or vice versa. This is why it is important to keep your gut healthy and strong, to combat stress and anxiety, so you feel like your best self.*

More Than Just A Greens Product.

While most Greens products may use a probiotic and that’s it, Guts + Greens goes above that. Guts + Greens uses prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics to increase gut health. The prebiotics work to fight off bad bacteria and provide a safe place for probiotics to live and feed off the prebiotics. With the prebiotics eliminating the bad bacteria and providing a safe place for probiotics to thrive, then the gut is able to see reduced bloating, boosted immune system, improved digestion. Once the probiotics feed off the prebiotics, postbiotics are left behind to provide even more good bacteria for better gut health. True Greens offers all three to ensure that you get everything you need for optimal gut health. To make it even better, our probiotic is quadruple-coated to ensure the best bioavailability through the digestive tract, down to the intestines for the best absorption. Only the best for you!*

You Are What You Eat?

We all hear the saying, “You are what you eat.” but it’s more like, “You are what you eat/ absorb.” It’s important to eat the right foods to fuel our bodies, but if we don’t have the proper gut that can digest and absorb all that we eat, then all the nutritious food we eat just gets wasted out of the body and can cause bloating, indigestion, diarrhea, etc.

Guts + Greens uses DigeZyme, which is a blend of 5 enzymes, that works to break down and absorb macronutrients more efficiently. Having 5 different enzymes ensures you the best absorption of the food you eat. When the body is able to absorb more of those nutrients from protein and carbs, your body can use that to help build the body even stronger. More enzymes also reduces the chance of constipation and undigested food in your stool. *


Guts + Greens are packed full of many benefits for everyone. Doesn’t matter if you workout every day or whether you're just trying to stay healthy. From increased gut health, to a stronger immune system, Guts + Greens has you covered.*