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Top Secret Nutrition FIREBALL L-Carnitine Liquid Igniter-- CLICK TO READ

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🔥Top Secret Nutrition FIREBALL Liquid L-Carnitine🔥

FIREBALL will make your body burn fat, boost your metabolism, and induce thermogenesis.

This product WILL heat you up and get your body burning some serious fat!

☄️L-Carnitine Tartrate: has been proven to be effective in helping your body transport fatty acids into the mitochondria (powerhouse of the cell) to be burned as fuel!

☄️Acetyl L-Carnitine: Provides Carnitine benefits PLUS it acts as a brain energizer enhancing your focus and "feel good" feeling

☄️Paradoxine TM: Paradoxine has been shown to stimulate Brown Adipose Tissue, which is the Fat Tissue that yields the greater energy expenditure. It ALSO helps transform White Adipose Tissue into Brown Adipose Tissue. What this means, is that you are not only burning more fat as energy, you're also helping to "break-up" the fat that doesn't want to be burned and helping it convert into the fat that can be burned. Overall, Paradoxine will help you burn more body fat, and help increase your overall energy expenditure.

☄️Lean GBB TM: LeanGBB helps increase your body's natural production of its own L-Carnitine. This helps your body utilize and burn fat as an energy source.

Who can take this?

Anybody trying to burn fat! This product will heat you up and help you burn actual body fat!

How to take this: Take 1 serving pre-workout and/or pre-cardio or whenever you are going to do a physical activity. This CAN be taken along with ANY other supplement you take because it has ZERO-stimulant properties!!!

🔥Let the fat melting begin🔥

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